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Get rid of Git submodules and never look back!

A better way to manage modular Git projects. Enable the Git X-Modules app on your Git server and sync your repository directories with external repositories.

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Git X-Modules

The only server-side solution with zero overhead for Git users

Still struggling with Git Submodules?

Git X-Modules is the most advanced alternative to Git Submodules

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Cross-repository development made easy

Migrating to a monorepo?

Git X-Modules is the ultimate solution for teams moving their Git projects to a monorepo

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Flexible settings that fit your environment

Sync or Pin

Pin an X-Module to a certain commit, or sync it with any branch in the external repository. Change the settings at any time.

Pull all or exclude

Pull the whole tree from an external repository or specify its subdirectory with powerful exclude filters.

Merge or Rebase

Keep the history clean and tidy by squashing and rebasing module commits or preserve the module history in a parent repository with a merge option.

Focus on your code rather than your tools

Enable Git X-Modules on your Git server and use the standard Git tools to work seamlessly across multiple repositories.

Easy setup

Enable Git X-Modules for your repository and add new modules with a few clicks. That's it.

Quick off the mark

No need to learn new tools or commands. Git X-Modules works on the server, so Git users are free to choose any client they like.

Zero downtime

Start using Git X-Modules from the day one. It won't disrupt your development process and your infrastructure will remain intact.

Focus on your code rather than your tools

The world's largest companies trust us with their codebase

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